Maiko Museum & Cafe

Japanese Theme Restaurant in Gion
Since Kyoto developed more than 1200 years ago. "Gion" is one of the famous places in Kyoto.
Gion is the area where located East side of downtown.There are many restaurants called "Ocha-Ya"
the place for eat traditional Japanese food with "Maiko" In the center of Gion. we opened "W (Maiko)
Museum & Cafe" It's a theme restaurant like "Hard Rock Cafe" or "Planet Hollywood". You will enjoy
Gion's special food and see 1200 year's tradition. We recommend you to make reservation before you
visit our restaurant because we invite real "Maiko" and we teach you their special game the only time
customer made reservation.

Special Rules in "Gion"
You may not know that formal restaurants in Gion are available for only the people who introduced
by their guest. If you don't know the guest. you need to visit twice to enter these restaurants and
you can't do anything at the first time. We call that Rule "Ichigen-San Okotowari" that's one of
the unique rules in Gion. However we would like you to enjoy such a tradition of Kyoto.
Therefore we introduce you to real traditional resraurants with your reasonable price after you
learned basic rules from our restaurant.

Visit " W (Maiko) Museum & Cafe " and have a BIG FUN !!!

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